Michael McDonough has a life-long love affair with sound. Recording and cataloging sounds since he was a child led him to an award-winning career beginning with radio drama, then on to sound design and post audio for motion pictures, IMAX Films, TV, games and VR, and theme park attractions. As a founder of Huge Sound Post Production, Michael brings with him his passion and experience for his craft.


Michael McDonough, MPSE. Senior Sound Designer and VP of Operations at HUGEsound Post Production. Michael McDonough is has been active in the professional audio industry since the 1980’s. He graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Communications and Broadcasting in 1976.

Michael started his professional career at Disneyland California, mixing live sound for performing groups such as The Carpenters and Olivia Newton-John. From 1977 to 1990, he was sound department supervisor at the Motion Picture Studio in Provo Utah, part of Brigham Young University. In 1984, he collaborated with fantasy author Ray Bradbury to write, direct, produce and engineer 13 original half-hour radio dramas for National Public Radio entitled “Bradbury Thirteen”. This series won the George Foster Peabody Award for Excellence in Broadcasting.

Michael began his career in film sound, as lead sound designer for Walt Disney’s animated feature, “The Black Cauldron”. This was followed by contributing original sound design on other feature films, including Star

Trek “First Contact”, Star Trek “Insurrection”, and “Demolition Man”. Since then, Michael has has worked as supervising sound editor on over 20 Imax and large format films, including Walt Disney’s “Roving Mars”, Shackelton’s Antarctic Adventure”, “Hearst Castle”, “ Amazon”, “Tornado Alley” and National Geographic’s “Mysteries of Egypt”. He was awarded a Golden Reel Award by the Motion Picture Sound Editors for sound design on Nova’s Imax film “Island of the Sharks” .

As well as working on numerous feature length films, documentaries and television series, Michael has been active in the Game and Entertainment industry as Senior Sound Designer for Carbine Studios MMORPG, “Wildstar”. Recently he completed sound design for a new Virtual Reality experience entitled “The Void”, and the ‘Hello Kitty” mobile app for Katsu Entertainment. Michael also designed sound for a motion simulator thrill ride for a new Theme Park in Wohan China.

Michael is a member of MPSE, Motion Picture Sound Editors, and a major contributor of original sounds effects to Sound Ideas, Inc.


Sound Designer Extinct — 2017
Rerecording Mixer Sound Design and final mixing for 10 one-hour episode Sci-Fi TV series. Four hundred years after the extinction of the human race, a small group of humans is revived by an alien civilization. Produced by GoFilms. BYUtv.

Sound Designer Toxic Puzzle, Hidden Killer — 2017
Rerecording Mixer Feature length documentary on the dangers of blue-green algae in US waterways, and a cure for ALS disease. Narrated by Harrison Ford. Directed and produced by Bo and Marianne Landon, Sandinature Films.

Sound Designer Toxic Puzzle, Hidden Killer — 2017
Rerecording Mixer Feature length documentary on the dangers of blue-green algae in US waterways, and a cure for ALS disease. Narrated by Harrison Ford. Directed and produced by Bo and Marianne Landon, Sandinature Films.

Sound Designer 3000 Cups of Tea — 2016
Rerecording Mixer Documentary about charges leveled by 60 Minutes at philanthropist Greg Mortensen. Jennifer Jordan directed.

Sound Designer Edge of Darknes — 2016
Sound design, rerecording mixer for domed planetarium feature. Michael Doubt, Evans and Sutherland.

Sound Designer Hello Kitty — 2016
Sound designer for mobile game app. Katsu Entertainment

Sound Designer The Void — 2015
Sound designer for new virtual reality attraction.

Sound Designer Story Trek — TV Series - 8 episodes — 2015 - 2016
Rerecording Mixer Sound Designer for half hour reality series. BYUtv.

Senior Sound Designer Wildstar — 2011 - 2014
Created original sound design and content for a major new MMORPG game title from NC Soft Corp.

Sound Designer Power of Nature — 2014
Responsible for creating and mixing sound for motion simulator attraction at a major new theme park in Wohan China.

Sound Designer Hawaiian Journey — 2014
Rerecording Mixer Large screen film produced for the newly remodeled large format theater at the Polynesian Cultural Center in Laie Hawaii.

Sound Designer Tornado Alley — 2011
Rerecording Mixer 45 minute IMAX film featuring tornado film maker Sean Casey. Casey chases active tornados across the midwest.

Sound Designer The Assignment — 2010
Rerecording Mixer Feature Length Film produced by New Movie Group starring Adam Baldwin and directed by Tim Nelson.

Sound Designer The Edge of Never — 2009
Rerecording Mixer 90 minute television documentary for Showtime on big mountain skiing in Chamonix France. Directed by Bill Kerig.

Sound Designer Forever Strong — 2008
Rerecording Mixer Feature Film directed by Ryan Little, starring Neal McDonough and Sean Astin.

Sound Designer The Work and the Glory trilogy — 2004 - 2006
Rerecording Mixer A motion picture series of three films based on the best selling novels by Gerald Lund.

Sound Designer Mummies, Secrets of the Pharaohs — 2007
Supervising Sound Editor IMAX documentary on tracing mummy DNA as a cure for diseases. Narrated by Christopher Lee, directed by Keith Melton, and produced by Giant Screen Films.

Sound Designer Roving Mars — 2006
Supervising Sound Editor Disney IMAX film documentary about the NASA rovers landing on Mars. Directed by George Butler, and produced by Kennedy- Marshall Productions. Released by Walt Disney Pictures.

Sound Designer Natural Disasters: Forces of Nature — 2004
Supervising Sound Editor IMAX film featuring earthquakes, tornados, and volcanos, and their effects on the planet. Directed by George Casey, narrated by Kevin Bacon. Released by Graphic Films.

Sound Designer The Best 2 Years — 2004
Rerecording Mixer Feature Film. Humorous look at two fictional sets of Mormon Missionaries and their adventures in Amsterdam. Directed by Scott S. Anderson.

Sound Designer Shackleton’s Antarctic Adventure — 2001
Supervising Sound Editor IMAX film recounting the legendary story of explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton’s 1914-1916 British Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition. Directed by George Butler. Narrated by Kevin Spacey.

Sound Designer Ocean Oasis — 2000
Supervising Sound Editor IMAX film featuring the aquatic life and animals of the Baja Peninsula. Directed by Soames Summerhayes.

Supervising Sound Editor The American Experience - Fly Girls— 1999
Rerecording Mixer Television series documentary. The story of the American Air Force Service Pilots (WASP) in World War 2. Starring Mary McDonnel. Produced and directed by Laurel Ladevich.

Supervising Sound Editor Island of the Sharks — 1999
Sound Designer IMAX documentary about the underwater habitat of sharks in the Great Barrier Reef. Directed by Howard Hall. Narrated by Linda Hunt. Released by NovaMax - WGBH Boston. Winner of the Golden Reel Award for Best Sound Design, Motion Picture Sound Editors (MPSE) of Hollywood, 1999.

Supervising Sound Editor Olympic Glory — 1999
Sound Designer IMAX feature documenting the sports technology created for the Winter Olympics in Nagano Japan. Directed by Kieth Merrill. Produced by Frank Marshall, Kenned-Marshall Productions. Narrated by Stacey Keach.

Contributing Sound Designer Star Trek, Insurrection — 1998
Feature Film, Paramount Pictures. When the crew of the Enterprise learn of a Federation conspiracy against the inhabitants of a unique planet.

Supervising Sound Editor Mysteries of Egypt — 1998
Sound Designer IMAX film about the building of the Pyramids and monuments in Gizeh region of ancient Egypt. Directed by Bruce Neibar. Starring Omar Sharif.

Supervising Sound Editor Amazon — 1997
Sound Designer Imax feature documentary. Both Indian shaman Julio Mamani and ethnobotanist Dr. Mark Plotkin seek medicinal plants in the basin of the Amazon River. Directed by Kieth Merrill. * Nominated for an Academy Award for best documentary.

Supervising Sound Editor Same River Twice — 1996
Sound Designer, Final Mix Feature Film. Story of 4 friends dealing with life while whitewater rafting. Directed by Scott Featherstone.

Contributing Sound Designer Star Trek, First Contact — 1996
Feature Film, Paramount Pictures. Captain Picard and his crew pursue the Borg back in time to stop them from preventing Earth's first contact with an alien species.

Sound Designer Special Effects: Anything Can Happen — 1996
Imax Feature. Explores the ground-breaking special effects portrayed in Hollywood films from the very originals to the breathtaking special effects in movies today. Directed by Oscar winner Ben Burtt.

Featured Sound Designer Sound Ideas, Inc — 1988 - 2017
One of 4 featured “Hollywood” sound designers asked to contribute special sound effects material to this commercial sound effects library.

Sound Designer The Twilight Zone — 1986
CBS Television. Worked with Mickey Hart of the Grateful Dead to provided original sound design for several episodes of the reboot of this Rod Serling series.

Sound Designer The Black Cauldron — 1985
Walt Disney Films. A young boy and a bunch of misfit friends embark on a quest to find a dark magic item of ultimate power before the Horned King can.

Writer, Producer, Director Bradbury 13 — 1984
Engineer Original Radio Drama Series for NPR Playhouse. Conceived, wrote, produced, directed and engineered thirteen half-hour radio dramas based on storied by fantasy author Ray Bradbur Awarded the Peabody Award for Excellence in Broadcasting.


George Foster Peabody Award. “Excellence in Broadcasting” for Bradbury 13.

International Radio Festival of New York. “Gold Award” for Bradbury 13.

Giant Screen Cinema Association (GSCA) Achievement Award, “Best Sound Design” for Tornado Alley IMAX Film.

Themed Entertainment Association, “Outstanding Achievement Award”, Sound design for Hawaiian Journey, large format film for Polynesian Cultural Center, Hawaii.

MPSE Golden Reel Award. “Best Sound Editing”, Island of the Sharks. Motion Picture Sound Editors.

Motion Picture Sound Editors “Golden Reel Award” Nominations — “Best Sound Editing”

Tornado Alley (2011)

Mummies: Secrets of the Pharaohs (2007)

Roving Mars (2006)

Star Trek, First Contact (1996)

Princess and the Pea (music editing)

Annual Award for Administrative Excellence, Brigham Young University College of Fine Arts and Communications.